Month: October, 2007

CalGames 2007

The Leland Robotics Team attended the CalGames 2007 off-season tournament in Woodside, CA. Although faced with mechanical difficulties, we still managed to win our first four matches. At the end of the qualifying matches, we ranked 5th of 30 teams. Joining with Lynbrook (Team 846) and Phantom Robotics (Team 675), Team 604 continued into the […]

Annual Starbucks Demo 2007

The Leland Robotics Team held a fundraiser at Starbucks. There, we promoted CalGames, the upcoming off-season tournament, demoed with VEX and FRC robots, and fostered the love for robotics in their community. Thanks to generous community support, we were able to raise over $1,100 in one morning! This brings us one step closer to our […]