Month: January, 2010

2010 Teaser #1

Here is our first teaser for our 2010 robot! Discussion here:

2010 Design Review

Today we had our design review for our current robot concept. We invited engineers from our community to give their input on our design. We learned a lot from the discussion and will incorporate many of what we talked about into our final design.

2010 Chassis Test #3

Our third and final prototype chassis was an eight-wheel-drive chassis. It turns as well as the six-wheel-drive prototype, and goes over much more smoothly. We have learned a lot from our prototype chassis and will be making a final decision on what we will use in competition soon!

2010 Chassis Test #2

After assembling the KitBot chassis, we decided to test something we were more familiar with: a six-wheel-drive chassis. However, in order to aid in going over the bump, we used large 8″ wheels. This chassis turned much better than the KitBot, but going over the bump was a bit rough. We will try one more […]

2010 Chassis Test #1

Due to this year’s unique terrain challenge, our team decided to prototype many feasible chassis designs. Today we assembled the KitBot, the basic chassis that comes in the Kit of Parts. We found that although it goes over the bump nicely, it does not turn well. We will test more chassis designs in the upcoming week.

Breakaway 2010

Today, FIRST released the 2010 challenge, Breakaway!  This challenge offers an unusual twist to the traditional game of soccer.  Played on a 27 by 54 ft. rectangular field with bumps, two alliances—each consisting of three robots—attempt to earn points by scoring soccer balls in their alliance goal while being defended by the opposing alliance.  Each […]

Encrypted Manuals for 2010 are online!

Remember to download an encrypted copy of the 2010 manual before Kickoff, so FIRST‘s server doesn’t get bogged down on Kickoff day! The encryption key will be announced at the Kickoff event.

Happy New Year!

Team 604 would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope everybody is ready for the 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition season! Kickoff is just over a week away!