Month: February, 2010

2010 Ship Date

We packed our robot into the crate last night, and today FedEx came and picked it up to ship to our first competition, the Silicon Valley Regional on March 18-20.  We have chosen to withhold 65 pounds of our robot, as allowed by FIRST, and will continue to make improvements and adjustments until competition!

Practice at NASA Ames

Today a small group of our team went to NASA Ames to test out our robot on their practice field. We learned a lot about our robot and will use what we learned to help make our robot even better!

2010 Wheels

Our machine shop sponsor finished our wheels for this year! The are made of two pieces of aluminum and anodized black. Many thanks to our sponsors!

Parts For Our Chassis Have Arrived!

Today our sponsor finished machining the tubing used to construct our chassis. They even have “Leland High Team 604 Quixilver” engraved on them!

2010 Teaser #2

Here is our second teaser for our 2010 robot! Discussion here: