Month: January, 2011

2011 Teaser #1

Here is our first teaser for our 2011 robot! Discussion here:

2011 Week 2

It’s been two weeks since the beginning of the 2011 FRC Season. For the past week, FIRST Team 604 has been prototyping manipulator designs, working hard on refining and perfecting our design. Photos from this week have been posted below.

2011 Week 1

Its officially been one week since the start of the 2011 FRC season. Over the past seven days, FIRST Team 604 has been hard at work designing and prototyping various robot designs. Some photos from this week have been posted below.

LogoMotion 2011

Yesterday, FIRST released the 2011 game, LogoMotion! Robots manipulate inner tubes shaped as triangles, circles, and squares — the elements of the FIRST logo — to hang them on a grid. It is played on a flat 27′ x 54′ carpeted field by two alliances of three teams each. Each 2 minute and 15 second […]

Blast from the Past!

In honor of FIRST celebrating their 20th anniversary and our own 10th anniversary, we decided to dig through our own archives, have posted a few photos from 2005 and 2006. Videos from 2006 will be uploaded soon!  Only one day until Kickoff! Update: We have been able to locate photos from 2001, and have posted them […]

2011 Game Hint #2

FIRST has just released the second game hint for the 2011 FRC Challenge. What could it mean? Join the discussion on Chief Delphi here.