Presenting: Our 2011 Robot

February 23, 2011

FIRST Team 604 finished the first segment of our build season today. With a deadline to meet, we rushed to finish our 2011 robot. When we were putting on the finishing touches, the local camera crew from NBC 11 arrived. We aired on the 6 o’clock news, and the footage can be viewed here. Leland Robotics would like to thank all of the parents, sponsors, teachers, mentors, and the community which made our build season and robot possible. Pictures from this season can be found on our website here. You can see us at the Sacramento Regional at UC Davis (Mar. 17-19) and the Silicon Valley Regional at San Jose State (Mar. 31-Apr. 2). Our goal is to qualify for the FIRST Championship in St. Louis (Apr. 27-30).

Hope to see you at competition!

Technical Specifications:

Custom 2 speed transmissions – 8fps and 13fps

Arm allows scoring from both sides

Telescoping arm reaches all levels of pegs

Spring loaded minibot deployment in less than 1 second

FIRST Team 604's 2011 Robot!

FIRST Team 604's 2011 Robot!

FIRST Team 604 with the NBC 11 crew

FIRST Team 604 with the Scott Budman and the NBC 11 crew