Month: January, 2012

2012 Week 2 Update

Week 2 was another week of great progress for FIRST Team 604, as we are fully on schedule. With designs nearing completion, the robot is coming together. The practice field is complete, as the finishing touches were just put on the bridge a few minutes ago. We have also found a way to recognize the […]

2012 Week 1 Update

After a successful build week, FIRST Team 604 is poised to make a solid run at this year’s FRC challenge, Rebound Rumble. All aspects of the team made progress. Designs for this year’s robot are almost complete. Using SolidWorks CAD software, 604 has been able to accurately model the design and physics behind our robot. […]

2012 Build Season Kickoff

FIRST Team 604 had an incredibly productive kickoff day. The day began by arriving at San Jose State just as the sun rose. Our team helped the kickoff site to set up the kit of parts distribution sites and distribute the kits. After many inspiring and motivational speeches the 2012 game was announced – Rebound […]

Un-Encrypted Game Manuals

We have un-encrypted the game manuals and uploaded them here: 1. The Intro 2. The Arena 3. The Game 4. The Robot 5. The Tournament