2013 Robot

Dimensions:29.75″W x 26.25″L x 28″H
Weight:105 lbs
Concept:Shortly after the 2013 Kickoff, 604 quickly recognized that the robot needed to quickly score Frisbees and reload from both the ground and feeder stations. With the emphasis on accurate scoring, every shot needed to be taken quickly and as accurately as possible, regardless of the position on the field or when under heavy defense. The robot needed to be short enough to maneuver under the pyramid to pickup frisbees during autonomous. Silverbolt is able to accomplish all of these with a camera tracking system to nearly make 100% of all shots. In addition, Silverbolt a 120 degree vertically rotatable shooter to adjust to the optimal position to score. Furthermore, Silverbolt has a low mounted shooter to fit underneath the pyramid and also has the ability to hang at the first level.
  • Two-speed shift-on-the-fly transmission: 6 and 17 feet per second
  • 6 wheel drive “West Coast Drive” base: Light, robust, and easy to maintain
  • Software-assisted operation: Automatic shooting sequences with vision aiming controlled by an onboard computer processor
  • Frisbee bucket hopper able to accommodate up to 4 Frisbees
  • Over 120 degree vertical shooter angle rotation to be able to shoot in all goals
  • Under-bumper pickup, just smaller than 2 Frisbees to prevent clogging
  • 2 hooked hanging arms to allow the robot to hang on the first level of the pyramid