2014 Silicon Valley Regional

April 21, 2014

On April 4th and 5th, we attended our second tournament of the year, the Silicon Valley Regional. After 11 qualifying matches on Friday and Saturday, we were seeded 14th and picked by the 4th alliance captain, Team 1280 The Ragin’ C-Bicuits, along with Team 100 The WildHats. We advanced to semifinals after two close quarterfinal matches. However, our alliance partner’s robot ran into some technical issues, and a back-up robot was called from Team 2489 The Insomniacs to play in our second semifinal match. Although we lost to the eventual Regional Finalists, we had a great time playing with all the teams.

We were happy to congratulate Mrs. Lane from Team 3256 WarriorBorgs for winning Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, and in addition, we were ecstatic to hear that Team 5027 Event Horizon, a rookie team we have mentored this year, won the Judges Award at their very first competition. We hope they will continue to grow stronger as a team and to be a model for future rookie teams. Congratulations to both teams!

As for 604, our safety captain received recognition for #1 in pit safety, and after two long days of competition, we were honored to receive the Silicon Valley Regional Chairman’s Award, marking our 7th RCA. As a result, we will be heading to St. Louis to compete with at the FIRST Championship event in just a few days. We will playing in the Galileo Division this year along with several other California teams.

Finally, we want to thank our sponsors, mentors, alumni, and parents. We could not be where we are today without their continued support and guidance.

Good luck to all the teams competing at the World Championships on April 23rd-26th, and we look forward to seeing you there!
2014 SVR Chairmans