FIRST-STEAMWORKS-RGB-h  -The 2017 FRC challenge is called "FIRST Steamworks" . FIRST Steamwork is played by two competing Alliances on a 27 x 54 foot field.-An Alliance consists of three robots. They compete to score points by scoring balls in the high goal and low goal, by manipulating gears onto pegs, climbing, and etc. during a 2 minute and 30 second match.Point breakdown-The match begins with a 15-second Autonomous Period. During this Autonomous Period, robots attempt to cross opposing defenses and score in the opposing tower.- For the rest of the match, drivers control robots and try to maximize their Alliance score by scoring boulders in their opponents’ tower goals.

Game Documentation:

From http://www.firstinspires.org/.2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual and related documentsFIRST Stronghold Home Page2016 Kit of Parts Website