2017 STEAMWORKS Kickoff!

January 7, 2017

               FIRST STEAMWORKS has begun! For the 2017 challenge, two alliances of three teams will be preparing airships for flight by providing fuel and parts. Through scoring fuel (balls) in a low and high boiler, teams can generate steam. By placing missing gears on their designated airship, teams can start rotors through the completion of a gear train to prepare for flight. At the end of the match, robots can climb ropes to earn additional points.

               To start the season, we ran the kit parts distribution at San Jose State. After, we went back to school, read the manual, and analyzed the game. We then began brainstorming potential designs for different mechanisms and will be building prototypes shortly. On Saturday 1/14 we will also be holding a design review explaining our strategic decisions and main mechanisms of the robot. The team can’t wait for the upcoming season!