2007 Challenge: Rack n’ Roll

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The 2007 challenge, “Rack 'n' Roll”, was yet again entirely unique. This challenge was focused on the middle of the playing field this time, with a huge rack made of eight columns of three spider leg-like arms. The alliances' objective was to score as many inflated rings, known as “ringers,” on the spider legs as possible. Teams earned more points for putting them on in rows or columns. Near the end of the round, alliances could earn bonus points by lifting teammates off of the ground. In the autonomous portion of this challenge, robots could earn bonus points for their alliance if they scored “keepers,” which were ringers only used in autonomous rounds, on the rack.

Game Documentation:

From www.usfirst.org

2007 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual and related documents

Game Animation:

Used with permission of FIRST, NASA, Havabanana Productions. (c) 2007.