2011 Challenge: Logomotion

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The 2011 FRC challenge, called
"LogoMotion" is the newest in a series of unique challenges. Robots manipulate inner tubes shaped as triangles, circles, and squares — the elements of the FIRST logo — to hang them on a grid. It is played on a flat 27′ x 54′ carpeted field by two alliances of three teams each. Each 2 minute and 15 second match begins with a 15 second Autonomous period where robots hang ‘Ubertubes’ on the grid to score extra points. Any piece scored on a peg with an Ubertube receives double points, and a row with a complete FIRST logo earns an additional doubling of points. During the final ten seconds robots can deploy a ‘minibot’ which is created out of the FTC kit of parts or similar items to race to the top of four individual poles to earn 30 points for the first one up, 20 for the second, 15 for third, and 10 for fourth.

Game Documentation:

From www.usfirst.org

2011 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual and related documents

Game Animation:

Used with permission of FIRST, NASA, Havabanana Productions. (c) 2011.