2012 Challenge: Rebound Rumble

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The 2012 FRC challenge, called
"Rebound Rumble" is the newest in a series of unique challenges. Rebound Rumble is played by two competing Alliances on a 27 x 54 foot flat field. An Alliance consists of three robots. They compete to score as many basketballs into their hoops as they can during a 2 minute and 15 second match. There are four hoops on each side of the field. The highest hoop is worth 3 points, the middle two hoops are worth 2 points, and the lowest hoop is 1 point. The match begins with a 15-second Hybrid Period in which robots operate autonomously. During this Hybrid Period, one robot on each Alliance may be controlled using a Microsoft Kinect. Baskets scored during this period are worth extra points. For the rest of the match, drivers control robots and try to maximize their Alliance score by scoring as many baskets as possible. The match ends with robots attempting to balance on bridges located at the middle of the field. In Qualification Matches, a robot from each Alliance will also try to cooperate for balancing on the white bridge to score additional ranking points for their own Alliances.

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2012 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual and related documents

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Used with permission of FIRST, NASA and Havabanana Productions.