Our Chairman’s Award win at Silicon Valley Regional 2008


Team 604 at the Calgames off season competition

Team 604’s student body consisted of over 30 students from 2001 to 2003, up until 2004, during which Leland did not have a robotics team. Then, in 2005, the team was revived by a group of a little less than 10 students. During the course of 3 years, the team has grown to almost 50 members. Team 604’s student body was 50% female from 2005-2006, and they still make up a large portion of the team. The leaders of the team are mostly upperclassmen, but all four grade levels are almost equally represented, and the team works together as a collective without letting these divisions affect them. Team 604 hopes to continue gaining members and introduce more students to the world of robotics.

Team Structure

Here is a list of the department chairs for the 2007-2008 Season.

  • President — Alex A.
  • Vice Presidents — Natalie M., Rohan R.
  • Engineering
    • Mechanical Chairs — Alex A., James B., Natalie M.,
      Christian S.
    • Electronics Chair — Eugene F.
    • Programming Chairs — Eugene F., Rohan R.
    • Pneumatics Chair — James B.
    • Safety Captain — Jennifer M.
    • Scouting– Nicky Z.
  • Marketing
    • Animation — Jennifer M.
    • Community Outreach –Jenny Y.
    • School — Natalie M., Jenny Y.
    • Website — Eugene F.
  • Finance
    • Budget — Mrs. Arrington


2008 Robot photo

Dimensions:27″W x 37″L x 56″H
Weight:120 lbs
  • Custom two speed dog shifting transmission (7 to 15 feet per second)
  • Six-wheel drive
  • Able to hurdle the 40″ diameter trackball over the 6’6″ Overpass
  • Extremely robust
  • Reliable “Hybrid Mode”
3D ModelHere