2009 Robot photo

Dimensions: 27″W x 36″L x 58″H
Weight: 110 lbs

Early on in the design process, our team recognized two general design approaches to the 2009 Challenge: A “dumper” that could unload a large number of balls quickly, but only in one direction, or a “turreted shooter” capable of scoring at various angles, but would be slower and potentially less accurate.

Our final design was a hybrid of the two; we combined the throughput of the dumper with the flexibility of the turret. The end result was a robot that could score within a 180-degree arc from the front of the robot, and do this at 7 balls/second.

  • Custom single-speed transmission
  • Four-wheel tank drive
  • Modular design
  • Large hopper
  • Pickup balls from the ground
  • Shoots up to 7 balls/sec.
  • Automatic camera tracking enabled
  • Able to score autonomously