2010 Robot photo

Dimensions: 27″W x 37″L x 16″H
Weight:120 lbs

Our team decided that the ability to go over the bump would be important in the game. Although going under the tunnel would be difficult (due to the careful alignment involved), we decided to build the robot so that it could drive under the tunnel if we needed to, both as a way to force us to keep the center of gravity low as well as to give us the option of going under the tunnel the one time it may be useful. To maintain maneuverability as well as go over the bump easily, we chose an eight-wheel-drive design.

A surgical tubing powered kicker, reloaded by a pneumatic cylinder, was simple to design and implement, and has less points for failure. It allows us to kick the ball into the goals from almost anywhere on the field.

Finally, because the robot would be very short relative to its weight, we were able to strengthen parts of the robot where, in previous years, we would not have the weight to do so. The result is an extremely robust design.

  • Custom two-speed shift on the fly transmission (8 and 16 feet per second)
  • Extremely robust
  • Very low center of gravity; virtually impossible to tip by itself
  • Ball retention device to possess balls when the robot lines up for a shot
  • Kicker capable of scoring from all three zones
  • Goes over the bump and under the tunnel