2011 Robot photo

Dimensions:28″W x 38″L x 60″H
Weight:120 lbs

Deciding that scoring on all three levels of the rack would be crucial, our team also noted that the minibot race would change the outcome of many matches. We decided to build a robot which would have the ability to do both using a telescoping arm and a spring powered minibot deployment. By keeping the pivot point for the arm low, we are able to pick up and score on both sides. A roller gripper allows manipulation of the tube while being possessed, preparing for scoring on the rack.

  • Custom two-speed shift on the fly transmission (5 and 13 feet per second)
  • Extremely robust
  • Arm capable of scoring on all three levels
  • Roller gripper can manipulate tubes while in possession
  • Quick deployment of minibot (1 second)
  • Rapid minibot ascension (1 second)