2019-2020: Infinite Recharge

2020 Officers

Name: Rajan N.

Grade: 12th

Position: President


Name: Sahana V.

Grade: 11th

Position: Vice President

Name: Daisy W.

Grade: 10th

Position: Secretary

Name: Gavin L.

Grade: 10th

Position: Treasurer

Name: Allen H.

Grade: 12th

Position: Engineering Lead


Name: Richard F.

Grade: 12th

Position: Mechanical Lead

Name: Parthiv S.

Grade: 11th

Position: Electrical Lead

Name: Claudius T.

Grade: 10th

Position: Controls Lead

Name: Aneal K.

Grade: 12th

Position: Strategy Lead


Name: Anokhi S.

Grade: 10th

Position: Scouting Lead

Name: Erica K.

Grade: 12th

Position: Public Relations Lead

Name: Aditya A.

Grade: 11th

Position: Events Lead

Name: Stanley Y.

Grade: 12th

Position: Media Lead

Names: Vandan P. & Satchin N.

Grade: 10th and 11th

Position: Safety Captains

Names: Aditya

Grade: 11th

Position: Webmaster

Our Robot


Name: Jar Jar Yeets

Dimensions: 36.25″L x 31.25″W x 44″H

Weight: 100 lb

Concept: Maximize our ranking points per game


  • Spindexer (Feeds 5 balls/second into shooter)
  • Shooter: 2 NEO + geared up 2:1 + flywheel with a lot of mass, 1 NEO + 1:1 + smaller kicker wheel, able to shoot 5 balls accurately at long distance

The season was cut short due to the coronavirus and no competitions were attended by team 604 as a result no reveal video was produced 


Silicon Valley Regional Chairman’s award