2014 Robot

2014 Robot
Dimensions:27″ W x 28.5″ L x 53.5″ H
Weight:118 lbs
Concept:Early in the season, we identified key features as being able to shoot, pick up, catch, and easily pass balls. We wanted each of these features to function independently in order to still have a competitive robot even if one of these features did not work properly, but still wanted to have a cohesive robot design that didn't have redundant components. Thus, we chose to integrate all key components into a single assembly that can function even if one component fails. The end result is a simple robot that can reliable execute game tasks. We also wanted the option of having the different methods of scoring available to us in the event that one method works better than the others.
  • Two-speed shift-on-the-fly transmission: 7 and 16 feet per second
  • 6 wheel drive “West Coast Drive” base: Light, robust, and easy to maintain
  • Software-assisted operation: Automated "self-catch" macro, preset wrist angles for fast reliable actuation
  • "Hot goal" detection and scoring in autonomous mode
  • Linear plunger to shoot the ball up to 18 feet from the goal
  • Fast and reliable off-the-ground intake
  • Full-size catcher to receive balls thrown by other robots
  • Easily pass and receive balls to and from other robots