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2014 Silicon Valley Regional

April 21, 2014

On April 4th and 5th, we attended our second tournament of the year, the Silicon Valley Regional. After 11 qualifying matches on Friday and Saturday, we were seeded 14th and picked by the 4th alliance captain, Team 1280 The Ragin’ C-Bicuits, along with Team 100 The WildHats. We advanced to semifinals after two close quarterfinal […]

2012 Google Silicon Valley Regional Conclusion

April 5, 2012

After the success at the Sacramento Regional two weeks prior, FIRST Team 604 came home to compete at the Google Silicon Valley Regional ready for some intense competition. We made a few changes to our robot since Sacramento and they paid off. After ten qualification matches, we seeded 14th and later moved up to the […]

2012 Google Silicon Valley Regional: Day 2

March 30, 2012

After an exhausting day at the San Jose State Event Center, we were extremely excited to learn that our mentor, Jim Mori, won the Woodie Flower’s Finalist Award. Mr. Mori has been involved with the FIRST program since 1999 and with FIRST Team 604 since 2005. He has worked with FIRST Teams 254, 668, 1967, […]

2011 Google Silicon Valley Regional

April 4, 2011

After a successful Sacramento Regional, FIRST Team 604 competed at our home regional, the Google Silicon Valley Regional. While initially faced with some electrical and pneumatic issues, Quixilver made the necessary modifications on our robot, and passed inspection early Friday morning. Having considerably more experience, our drivers were able to consistently put up one to […]

2010 Silicon Valley Regional

March 20, 2010

Our team started another successful competition season today at the 2010 Silicon Valley Regional, held at the San Jose State University Event Center. Our robot’s reliability and robustness proved to be an important asset; we were able to consistently score four to five balls each round. After being chosen by the fourth seeded team, Team […]

Silicon Valley Regional 2009

March 14, 2009

The Silicon Valley Regional, our home regional, was held at the San Jose State University Event Center on March 13-14, 2009. After winning six matches and losing two in the qualification matches, our team seeded fourth overall and picked Team 846, the Funky Monkeys from Lynbrook High School, and Team 8, The Vikings from Palo […]

Silicon Valley Regional 2008

March 15, 2008

The Silicon Valley Regional, located in the San Jose State University Event Center, was Quixilver’s only regional event in 2008. Even with the best competition of the Silicon Valley, this year’s robot exceeded everyone’s expectations with robustness and “quick” maneuvering. After building an extremely functional robot, providing extensive assistance to teams in need, and demonstrating […]