By endlessly providing time, resources, and energy, Quixilver mentors enable FIRST Team 604 to build outstanding robots, phenomenal outreach programs, and excellent leadership skills. They routinely astound and assist team members with mechanical, electrical, programming, and machining expertise. Thank you, mentors of FIRST Team 604, for your most impressive work. We greatly appreciate your support!

** Denotes recipients of the Woodie Flower’s Finalist Award.

Mrs. ArringtonMrs. Arrington **
Endlessly handling paperwork since the teams inception, Mrs. Arrington is Team 604’s most esteemed founding mentor. She spends boundless hours supervising team Quixilver not only during build season but the off-season as well. Her winning nomination for the Woodie Flowers Award can be read here.
Mr. ArringtonMr. Arrington
This mentor does it all. He can be a structural rocket engineer and a chauffeur at traveling tournaments; whatever the team needs. His advice and analysis of our design concepts during the team design review allows us to be sure that our design is a stable solution to the challenges ahead. This rock solid mentor keeps the team upright and focused on the goals that make Team 604 as unique as its students.
photo (2)Mr. Best **
This engineering expert’s kinks and quirks help make team Quixilver the “best”. Any problem ranging from programming to mechanical design, this quaint mentor is always there to lend a helping hand. Located in his comely tool-filled garage, milling sessions take place for mechanically inclined members while in his after-school free time he supports student led programming workshops for those hoping to excel in their code skills. His winning nomination for the Woodie Flowers Award can be read here.
Mrs. Best Mrs. Best **
Unquestionably the most present volunteer and “best” chaperone in town. Housing a mill, lathe, and robotics family, her tolerance for tech-geeks is stunning. Her overwhelming kindness has developed Team 604 into the fine students we are today. Her winning nomination for the Woodie Flowers Award can be read here.
 Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.20.19 PMJames Best
Co-President of Quixilver in 2010, James Best, the talented son of Mr. and Mrs. Best, now offers us his expertise in mechanical engineering. He currently studies micro electromechanical systems at Carnegie Mellon University, but is always more than willing to provide us help with design and manufacturing.
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 7.22.54 PMMichael Smith
An alumnus from 2014, Michael studies computer science at UCSD. He mentors us remotely in areas of programming, control systems, and electronics. Michael also regularly gives intro to programming workshops to local FRC teams.
Mr. Mori Mr. Mori **
Being involved in FIRST ever since 1999, Mr. Mori has been lending his mechanical expertise to Team 604 ever since helping re-start the team in 2005. He has taught us how to think outside of the box, which has become a crucial skill during crunch time. His winning nomination for the Woodie Flowers Award can be read here.
 Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 7.00.40 PMHenrique Chan
As the president of Quixilver, Henrique executed his duties and fullfilled his tasks. Now, he is a mentor on the team while working at Space System Loral.
Eugene FangEugene Fang
Co-President of Quixilver and Silicon Valley Regional Dean’s List Finalist in 2010, Eugene now returns to advise us in various areas, from mechanical design to software development to award submission. Studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University means that he is close enough to visit once in a while and give us moral support! He is also involved with the FIRST community as a mentor for FIRST Team 1323 and as a main developer for The Blue Alliance.
Kunal MehtaKunal Mehta
Co-President of Quixilver and Regional Dean’s List Finalist in 2012, Kunal now helps the team with general advice and with award submissions. Despite studying journalism at De Anza college, Kunal still manages to help the team with his invaluable experience. He is also involved with the FIRST community as a contributor to The Blue Alliance.
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 7.27.35 PMNovia Wong
While on the team, Novia served as the Vice President, chairman’s presenter, team manager, and as the PR lead. Now, she lends the team her talents by assisting as a mentor while studying psychology at University of Michigan.
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.26.47 PMMathew Coniglio
A driver since his junior year, Matt continues to lend his expertise in engineering and strategy. Now, Matt mentors the team while studying engineering at West Valley.